Justice Minister: We won't cave in to Arab threats

Ayelet Shaked speaks about BDS and her plan for reining in Supreme Court.

Eliran Aharon ,

Ayelet Shaked at the Conference of Presidents
Ayelet Shaked at the Conference of Presidents
Eliran Aharon

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) spoke on Monday morning at the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem.

Jewish-American billionaire Ken Abramowitz asked Shaked, "What are you going to do about the Israel-hating Israeli Supreme Court?"

"The way Israel chooses its judges is completely different from the way the US chooses its judges," Shaked explained. "My job is to choose the most liberal and also the most orthodox judge. The Supreme Court here has a great deal of power."

Regarding moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Shaked said, "We believe the US Embassy belongs in Jerusalem. We will not cave in to the Palestinians' threats, and I hope US President Donald Trump will keep his word."

Later, Shaked mentioned BDS saying, "Thankfully, this organization has lost a lot of its clout recently. We have a special staff dealing with the issue."