Feminist government covers for migrants

Documentary director: Swedes maintain denial, continue massive immigrant influx despite sharp rise in rape and armed crime.

Gil Ronen ,

Migrant demo in Sweden (file)
Migrant demo in Sweden (file)

Sweden's Feminist Initiative became the first feminist political party to win a parliamentary mandate in the 2014 European elections, officially establishing the world's first feminist government. Nevertheless, the party maintains an immigration policy that causes a sharp increase in rape and armed violence, explained filmmaker Ami Horowitz who produced a documentary on the subject, in an interview with the American Fox network.

In 2016 alone Sweden admitted more than 160,000 immigrants into its borders, even though its population is less than 10 million. Only 500 of these migrants found work, according to statistics provided to the Fox network.

Horowitz explained that the Swedes envision themselves to be an "humanitarian superpower." From the moment that Sweden announced an open-door policy, he explained, the incidence of rape and armed crime has soared.

However, according to Horowitz, authorities frequently deemphasize such occurrences and the perpetrators' identities. For example - a wave of rapes recently took place in music festivals in Sweden. When such incidents occur, Horowitz explained, they become difficult over time to suppress because of the many witnesses to the scene.

The Swedish public is aware of the crimes, said Horowitz, but Swedes prefer to attribute it to a general increase in violence and the supposition that rapists come from the general category of "men" - not immigrants.

The Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, termed Swedish behavior "grotesque."

Sweden boasts a feminist policy, also as part of its foreign policy framework. Sweden recently signed a trade agreement with Iran. However, when the "feminist" government representatives were received by President Hassan Rohani, everyone wore a hijab.