Anti-BDS conferences take place as planned despite threats

Belgium: Despite threats and intimidation, ‘Lev Haolam’ Conferences against BDS continue as planned.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 12:47 PM

One of the Belgium conferences
One of the Belgium conferences
Lev Haolam

Despite threats and intimidation, three anti-boycott hasbara (historical literacy) conferences, organized by the Lev Haolam organization, took place in Belgium a few days ago. Lev Haolam sends packages of Judea and Samaria products worldwide and organizes pro-Israel conferences.

Police officers were present to secure the conferences.

The organizers, who were primarily Belgian and Dutch Israel supporters, received threatening phone calls and emails from BDS supporters. In addition, the owners of the meeting halls were also threatened and cursed by BDS activists.

Most disturbing to the BDS activists seemed to be that fact that Lev Haolam Founder Attorney Nati Rom lives in Judea and Samaria and would be speaking openly against the boycott during the conference. In light of the many threats, local police officers were placed outside the halls and performed security checks on those attending the conference. The conference took place as scheduled.

During the conferences, Rom described actual daily life in Judea and Samaria based on both his personal experience living in Samaria and his work with Lev Haolam. In addition, Israel supporters from Belgium also spoke. The hundreds of attendees seemed highly impressed by the speeches and left understanding the need to fight the boycott and how they could do so.

In the conference halls there were also booths where attendees could purchase products from Judea and Samaria in order to support Israeli manufacturers against the boycott. Many attendees also signed up to receive monthly packages from producers in Judea and Samaria through Lev Haolam.

Rom said about the conferences, “I am happy that especially here in the capital of Europe, where BDS and the boycott against the State of Israel were started, we find that more and more people are purchasing products and packages produced in Judea and Samaria. Thank G-d, we see that people are voting with their feet against the mistaken policies of their governments.”