Police seek public's aid in case against child molester

Police seek information from anyone with knowledge of assaults after man confesses to attacking multiple children.

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Police Investigations
Police Investigations

The police in Bnei Brak asked the public for help in determining what other cases a suspect in the violent assault on a six-year-old child may have been involved in.

Last Sunday, a couple came to the Bnei Brak police station and complained to police that their 6-year-old daughter was attacked by a stranger who took her to an apartment in the area while she was on the way to her kindergarten. The police initially arrested a 45 year old haredi lawyer on suspicion of having committed the attack, but he was later cleared of any suspicion and released.

The police also arrested another man, a 22-year old relative of the child. The suspect confessed to the attack and to having committed similar attacks during the interrogation.

The suspect's remand was extended by five days following his confession to having committed other assaults against minors. In addition, the police are seeking the aid of anyone who has information about the suspect's earlier attacks.

"Anyone who has information is asked to contact any police station or call the police hotline 100 and telephone 03-6104444," the police said.