'We have a friend in the White House'

Coalition politicians welcomed President Trump's warm approach to Israel and described the summit meeting as 'the end of the two-state era."

Yoni Kempinski ,

Trump and Netanyahu
Trump and Netanyahu
Hezki Baruch

Politicians from all parties in the coalition have reacted to the press conference of US president Donald Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely(Likud) said that "the two-state era has ended. The prime minister is talking now about new ways of achieving peace."

Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett described it as "a new era. After 24 years, the Palestinian flag has been removed from the flagpost and exchanged for the Israeli flag."

Science Minister Ofir Akunis said: "Today, after the Trump-Netanyahu meeting, the mistaken and dangerous concept of establishing a Palestinian terror state in the heart of Israel was finally discarded. Even President Trump understands that the two-state idea would not bring peace to the Middle East and that other solutions must be found to achieve peace. This is an important day for lovers of the land of Israel."

The Young Likud members welcomed Netanyahu's uncompromising stance on Israel's security. "At this time we should not be involved in establishing a Palestinian state but in strengthening Israel's security in light of the various regional threats and in maintaining the growth of communities throughout the land of Israel."

"We also thank President Trump for his deep friendship and support for the State of Israel. Finally a president respects Israel as a sovereign state which can make its own decisions about what is good for it.

"The state of Israel need not apologize for returning to Judea, the birthplace of the Jewish nation, nor does it need to apologize for maintaining its strong stance on security.

"Thank you, Prime Minister Netanyahu and thank you, President Trump."

Minister Ayoob Kara(Likud) described the Netanyahu -Trump summit as a "dream come true. The Israeli spring is beginning in the Middle East as if Obama never existed. Agreements about the Iranian threat, no pressure on Israel on the Palestinian issue. A very good start."

Samarian regional council head Yossi Dagan said that "the conference we made in the Knesset proved itself, I always said that its all in the hands of Prime Minister Netanyahu and whatever he says to the administration is what will count. We believe there is no reason he will not return with good news to Israel."

Housing and Construction Minister Yoav Galant said that Trump's speech was "historic, as he said 'we will not allow Iran ever to have nuclear weapons. The Palestinians teach a lot of hate, they must stop and recognize Israel' -those are his words. We have a friend in the White House."