3 dead in Negev car crash

3 killed, at least 5 injured in 4-way car collision in Negev.

Arutz Sheva Srtaff ,

Car crash in Negev
Car crash in Negev
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Three people were killed Wednesday afternoon in a car accident at the intersection near IDF training base 1 in the Negev.

MDA EMTs and paramedics pronounced two men- 40 and 50 years old- dead, and provided medical treatment to six injured civilians, including a severely injured 40 year old woman and a moderately injured 50 year old woman. One of the injured civilians later died.

MDA and IDF teams used ambulances and helicopters in order to evacuate the six injured civilians to Soroka Medical Center. The injured included 2 severely injured women, one moderately-severely injured 40 year old man and 3 other lightly injured civilians.

Initial investigations indicate that the accident was the result of a collision between 4 vehicles.

Route 40 near the scene of the incident has been closed to traffic.