Visiting Texan: Israelis 'delightful and welcoming'

Rhonda Wieboldt, resident of Dallas, Texas, arrived in Israel last night for first time in her life.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rhonda Weiboldt
Rhonda Weiboldt
Eliran Aharon

Rhonda Wieboldt is a resident of Dallas, Texas, who has worked for a leading computer company for 27 years and arrived in Israel last night for the first time in her life as part of a 10-day journey to Israel led and organized by former Governor Mike Huckabee.

She spoke with Arutz Sheva of her great excitement about the recent US presidential elections, supporting Israel, and her recommendation that the world come and witness the truth about Israel firsthand.

Huckabee comes annually for his traditional trip to support Israel, this time with 400 activists.