Ariel to Trump:
'Let Netanyahu bring Pollard home'

Minister appeals to US President from Jerusalem Conference podium: 'Allow Prime Minister one more passenger on plane: Mr. Pollard.'

Uzi Baruch ,

Calling on Trump: Minister Uri Ariel
Calling on Trump: Minister Uri Ariel
Yisrael Bardugo

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel spoke today (Tuesday) at the 14th Jerusalem Conference and discussed Netanyahu's upcoming meeting with US President Trump: "It is absolutely clear that between Jordan and the sea there will be only one sovereign state, the State of Israel. I wish Prime Minister Netanyahu well and say to him: Do not surprise the US administration; tell them you are going to pass the Ma'ale Adumim annexation law first and then move on to all of Area C in Judea and Samaria. This is what he should present the President."

Minister Ariel added a call to the US president: "I want to appeal to the US President and tell him to allow the Head of State the option of taking one more passenger on the plane, Mr. Pollard. The Nation who dwells in Zion wishes after more than thirty years for Jonathan and his wife Esther to come to the land of our ancestors and be here together with all of us."

The Minister also related to the Western Wall zoning plan: "Before all else, we must state at all times, in every place: We should be up on the mountain, the Temple Mount - that is the place. We have great respect for the Western Wall ... But one must remember that The Holy Place is on the Temple Mount.

"A few months ago Netanyahu's government decided to approve the new zoning layout, effectively recognizing Reform Judaism. I voted against the resolution; it offends that which is holy to the Jewish People, and with all due respect to world Jewry, there is no reason to recognize Reform Judaism in Israel. In Israel it is different, and should be different. Therefore, together with the Chief Rabbinate and other members of the government, we told the Prime Minister to change the layout or we will fight it as much as we can," said Ariel.

Minister Ariel also referred to High Court proceedings regarding the opening of business on Shabbat in Tel Aviv: "There is a Supreme Court case about opening business in 'the Holy City Tel Aviv'. Everyone knows that what happens in Tel Aviv will happen in most of the country, and what is happening today in Tel Aviv is sheer flouting of the law ... order must be restored. The minimum is to maintain the status quo, business closed on Shabbat - and the matter is largely in our hands to influence ... We will make every effort to preserve public Sabbath observance."