4 injured in crane collapse in Bat Yam

Four people were injured, one seriously,when a crane collapsed on a Bat Yam street.

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Crane collapse in Bat Yam
Crane collapse in Bat Yam
MDA spokesman

In the coastal town of Bat Yam a crane collapsed Monday on a number of cars parked on a street in the town.

MDA paramedics treated the crane operator who was seriously injured and was evacuated while fully conscious to the Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv.

Another person who was in a car on which the crane collapsed was moderately injured and transferred to the Wolfson hospital in Holon, where two more lightly injured people were treated.

Police opened an investigation of the incident.

Emergency MDA paramedic Hagai Natani who arrived at the scene related that "we arrived with large forces including ambulances, emergency treatment vehicles and MDA motorcycles. This was a very complex scene with a crane tens of meters in height collapsing onto a street and damaging a number of cars.

'The crane operator who is about 30 years old was trapped inside and together with firemen we extricated him during the course of medical treatment and he was transferred to hospital in serious condition. A 38-year-old man was extricated from a car which was hit by the crane, he was fully conscious and was suffering from injuries all over his body. We gave him first aid and transferred him to hospital together with a 49-year-old man and 9-year-old girl who were nearby and were lightly injured by pieces of the collapsed crane," added Natani.'

MK Itzik Shmoli (Zionist Union), head of the Safety Caucus, referred to the collapsing of the crane in Bat Yam and claimed that "the writing was on the wall and its a pity that after innumerable tragedies and authentic complaints on the part of the crane operators, nothing has been done by the government.

"This is absolute negligence since the state says to itself 'apparently their lives are worth less.' All real estate activity should be halted until these serious defects are dealt with. How many people have to die until the message is comprehended?, " asked Shmoli.

יו"ר שדולת הבטיחות, ח"כ איציק שמולי, התייחס לאירוע קריסת המנוף בבת ים וטען כי "הכתובת היתה על הקיר וחבל שאחרי אינספור אסונות וזעקה אותנטית מצד המנופאים לא נעשה דבר מצד הממשלה".

"זו פשוט הפקרות כיוון שהמדינה אומרת לעצמה כנראה שהחיים שלהם שווים הרבה פחות. צריך להקפיא את כל הפעילות בענף הנדל"ן עד שלא ייפתרו הליקויים החמורים האלה. כמה אנשים צריכים למות כדי שהמסר יובן?", תהה שמולי.