'Sovereignty will improve Israel's economy'

Samaria Regional Council Head says applying sovereignty will improve Israel's economy, demographics - even if leftists say otherwise.

Yoni Kempinski,

The fourth Sovereignty Conference
The fourth Sovereignty Conference
Yoni Kempinski

At the fourth annual Sovereignty Conference on Sunday, Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan said applying sovereignty to Judea and Samaria would have significant economic and demographic advantages.

According to Dagan, if there were no bureaucratic obstacles to building in Judea and Samaria, the price of housing will drop significantly and allow nearly unlimited building in Israel's center. The drop in housing prices would in turn bring more immigrants to Israel, which will impact the Jewish-Arab demographic.

Though Israel is a growing country with a high birthrate, some leftists are pushing for families to limit the number of children they have, since there is "no more space."

"Instead of having a large Jewish country, both in area and in population, they want to reduce the amount of land available and reduce the size of the population," Dagan said. "They want us to become a small, weak country, a leaf which will be blown away by the strong Middle Eastern winds.

"More space means more Jews, more independence, a stronger economy, and more strength to hold up against the Muslim ocean we are smack in the middle of. Hundreds of thousands of working hands will stop Israel from accepting foreign workers from the Philippines. It will allow us to significantly strengthen our 'low-tech' industry, which is currently escaping to China, where there are more working hands."