IDF raids home of Petah Tikva terrorist

Entry permits for family of Petah Tikva terrorist cancelled after attack, IDF security sweeps net 16 in Judea and Samaria.

David Rosenberg ,

IDF night raid (illustrative)
IDF night raid (illustrative)

IDF soldiers raided the home of Sadeq Nasser Abu Mazen, the 18-year old terrorist responsible for Thursday’s combination shooting and stabbing attack in the Petah Tikva market.

During the pre-dawn raid Friday in Abu Mazen’s home town of Beita al-Fokeh near Shechem, located in Samaria and under Palestinian Authority control, Abu Mazen’s relatives were detained for questioning. The Defense Ministry reports that work permits granting Abu Mazen’s family members entry into Israel have been cancelled.

In separate operations overnight, authorities nabbed 10 wanted terrorists in Judea and Samaria suspected of attacks against security forces and civilians.

In addition, six other suspects were taken into custody for allegedly aiding Palestinian Authority residents to illegally enter pre-1967 Israel.

Authorities also discovered a “Carlo” improvised submachine gun in the possession of a Hamas terrorist in Tzurif near Hevron.

Carlo guns, which are manufactured by underground weapons factories across Judea and Samaria, are popular with lone-wolf terrorists due to their low price and wide-spread availability. A Carlo was used in Thursday evening’s attack in Petah Tikva.