'Eilat back to normal' following rocket attack

Deputy mayor of Eilat says disruption caused by rocket attack last night was minimal. 'They won't be able to disrupt our tranquility.'

Benny Toker. ,

Flash 90

Deputy mayor of Eilat Eli Lankri said that he hopes that last night's rocket attack on the Israeli city of Eilat was a one-time event.

The ISIS terrorist organization was reportedly responsible for the firing of three rockets at Eilat from the Sinai Peninsula last night. The Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted the rockets, preventing any damage or injuries.

"The atmosphere is great. The city went back to normal. There is a jazz festival, which thankfully does not have any cancellations, not from ticket buyers or from the artists who came from outside of Israel. There were four flights which came straight from Europe to Eilat, and another 60 flights from Ben Gurion Airport and Sde Dov Airport, full of Israeli and non-Israeli tourists, so the city is bustling with life," Lankri said.

He stressed: "We trust the army and security forces. We are grateful to the soldiers operating the Iron Dome battery. The evil forces will not be able to disrupt the tranquility of the leading resort and vacation city in Israel."

"Our residents are exemplary, and the tourists are proving that it is impossible for anyone to beat us, and [there is] hope that the quiet will continue here. We know what activity is done here [by the IDF] over the border and we are counting on that."