Israel's UN Ambassador Danon met with US Ambassador Nikki Haley

Israel's UN ambassador Danny Danon met with his US counterpart Nikki Haley to discuss cooperation between the two missions.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Israel's UN Ambassador Danny Danon Met with US Ambassador Nikki Haley
Israel's UN Ambassador Danny Danon Met with US Ambassador Nikki Haley
The U.S. Mission to the United Nations

Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon met on Friday with the new US Ambassador Nikki Haley. This was the first official meeting between the two ambassadors since Ambassador Haley assumed her new position. During their meeting, they discussed ways to deepen the cooperation between the two missions, changing the UN's biased approach towards Israel and also the latest developments concerning Iran.

Ambassador Danon thanked Ambassador Haley for her unequivocal support for Israel during her confirmation hearing in the Senate and proposed possible ways to mitigate the damage done by resolution 2334. Ambassador Danon also discussed in detail reforms that Israel is interested in implementing in cooperation with the American Mission, with a focus on the disproportionate UN focus on Israel, as well as anti-Israel bodies at the UN.

"Ambassador Haley is a true friend of Israel and I am sure that the cooperation between our two missions will only deepen and grow under her leadership," said Ambassador Danon. "We are looking forward to leading towards a new era in which we will implement significant change at the UN, put an end to the obsessive focus on Israel and instead work on portraying the true face of Israel to the international community," the Ambassador concluded.