Regulation law: 'Political problem - not legal one'

Yifah Segal of International Legal Forum says regulation law is not a legal problem, but politicians are trying to frame it as one.

Eliran Aharon,

Yifah Segal
Yifah Segal
Eliran Aharon

Yifah Segal of the International Legal Forum says in an interview with Arutz Sheva that the "regulation law is a political problem and not a legal one."

"If we neutralize the political minefield, it is legally possible to enact the law. Even at the international level, if the regulation law fails to pass it will not be for reasons such as the International Court of Justice in the Hague, but because of politics," she adds.

"There are more things to worry about before the Hague - and much will happen before we get justice from that place, unfortunately."

She adds: "Today the American government treats the whole thing differently. They sent an unequivocal message that any Palestinian appeal to the courts will lead to extreme steps - so I think that precisely in the present general political context we can be calmer than before."

What do you have to say to elected public servants before the vote?

"I cannot interfere because this is a political policy question, not a legal one. I can say it was good that they waited until after January 20th."