Stormy Knesset session over Regulation Law

The Knesset discussed the Regulation Law due to go to second and third readings on Monday evening. Opposition tried to bring vote forward.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Knesset Plenum
Knesset Plenum
Knesset spokesman

The Knesset discussed the Regulation Law due to go to second and third readings on Monday evening. The opposition parties tried to implement a parliamentary trick and remove all of their objections to the law in order to surprise the coalition and precipitate the vote.

MK Dov Henin (Joint Arab List) said at the session: "We members of the opposition reiterated our opposition to the improper and irregular parliamentary arrangements which the majority of the Knesset has forced us into. There was never a situation when such a fundamental discussion is conducted as if it were ancillary, as if we are dealing with a matter which is appropriate for MKs' spare time."

Henin announced that the opposition would not cooperate with this parliamentary move and with a law which has "serious doubts over its legality - a history-changing law which annexes lands, a law which the Attorney-General himself is not willing to defend in the Supreme Court. This law is improper and disrespects us as a law-abiding state."

Deputy Knesset Speaker MK Yitzhak Vaknin responded by saying that if the opposition would remove its objections to the law, he would close the session and it would reopen at 21:30, the time established by the Knesset committee for when the final discussions and vote over the law was supposed to take place.

Coalition representatives expressed their views on the importance of the law. Shuli Mualem-Rafaeli, Jewish Home faction head, said that she was dedicating the law to the families of Amona and then read out the names of all the families as well as the number of children in each family who were uprooted from their homes in Amona last week.

Vaknin then concluded the session which will resume later before the second and third readings.