Anti-Semite vandalizes Chicago Loop Synagogue

Vandal breaks Chicago synagogue windows, sticks swastikas on front door.

Chana Roberts ,

Swastika graffiti
Swastika graffiti
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Chicago Police are investigating an attack on the Chicago Loop Synagogue.

The synagogue's surveillance cameras show a dark-clothed man wearing a mask exit a dark vehicle, plaster swastika stickers on the synagogue's front door, smash the synagogue's front windows with a metal object, then run back to his car.

Construction workers working nearby noticed the man and called the police.

Loop Synagogue President Lee Zoldan said, "I was stunned. I was not prepared for any of this. We have a lot of contingency plans for what happens religiously, or what happens financially, but not for this.

"We serve all the Jews in the Loop, which is a lot of Jews. We intend to continue to be here and continue serving our community.

"It's not going to take us down. We're going to remain strong."

American Jewish Committee's Chicago Director Amy Stoken condemned the attack and said, "The Chicago Jewish community will not be intimidated by anti-Semitic attacks on a house of worship.

"The right of all religious groups to practice their faith without fear is a fundamental American value. Chicagoans must speak together clearly that the hatred behind this destructive behavior will never be accepted."

The police are classifying the incident as a hate crime. No suspects have been arrested.