Meet the young Jewish chef

Allison Josephs welcomes Chef Eitan Bernath for an in-depth look into the life of the young celebrity chef/food blogger

Allison Josephs ,

Eitan Bernath
Eitan Bernath
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Allison Josephs host Eitan Bernath, a fourteen years old jewish chef from New Jersey.

Eitan Tells her that ever since he was a little boy he loves cooking.

"At my house I consider myself the Executive Chef. I cook dinner and lunch constantly. My mom cooks a lot too and she is an amazing chef but I like to rule the kitchen. This past summer I want to two different culinary schools and learned a lot but mostly I am self-taught. My main source of information is from the Internet. I use YouTube and to find most of my recipes and to learn a lot of good techniques", he says.

Eitan also like to cook for his family and friends. "It makes me happy to see them enjoying my food. For instance this past New Years I invited a few friends over and made them delicious hamburgers. The food was delicious and everyone had a great time".