Aryeh Eldad: 'Rotten Policeman' award to Erdan and Liberman

Former National Union member Aryeh Eldad lashes out at Liberman and Erdan for acting like 'clerks who fulfill instructions'.

Yoel Domb ,

Aryeh Eldad
Aryeh Eldad
Flash 90

Former National Union member Aryeh Eldad revealed on his Facebook page who he felt to be the "bad guy" in Amona:

"Today is the day of Amona's destruction and I wish to present the "rotten policeman" award to two people, even though there are many others with whom I will continue to maintain hostile relations over the Amona matter. The two are the Defense Minister who is responsible for Judea and Samaria and within whose jurisdiction the uprooting is taking place and Internal Security Minister whose policemen are expelling mothers and children from their homes.

"Avigdor Liberman and Gilad Erdan. Yes there may be a Supreme Court final ruling which in this country is more holy than human rights, especially if the human being is a Jew. But if you, Liberman and Erdan, are not just clerks who fulfill instructions but rather people who believe in something, for example that the Land of Israel belongs to Jews and not to Arabs - you should have saluted the ruling and submitted your resignation. Refused to comply.

"But since you are just politicians who seemingly want to be Prime Minister in the future and you are responsible for this crime going on in Amona (yes, even under the guise of law, crimes take place) - I hope that the stain of destroying a thriving community in Israel will stick to you forever. After you declaim all of the reasons and excuses - I hope that this detail in your biographies will never be erased, and especially not from the memories of members of the Nationalist camp whose votes you so crave."