Border Police officer refuses orders at Amona

Three demonstrators arrested during evacuation of Amona. Officer sent to evacuate Amona refuses orders, is distanced from the scene.

David Rosenberg ,

Evacuation of Amona, February 2017
Evacuation of Amona, February 2017

A member of the security forces ordered to take part in the eviction of 42 families in the town of Amona on Wednesday, has refused to carry out the order and has been distanced from the scene of the evacuation.

Hundreds of protesters converged on the town north of Jerusalem Wednesday morning, just hours after a general closure on Amona went into effect.

Large numbers of army, police, and Border Police forces were deployed in and around Amona on Wednesday, and by 10:30 a.m. had begun dismantling buildings and removing demonstrators.

One Border Police officer, however refused to take part in the operation.

The officer was subsequently distanced from the scene. Afterwards, demonstrators cheered and embraced the officer.

Three demonstrators have been arrested, the Honenu organization reports, including one 17-year old boy and a 19-year old. Witnesses claim one of the teenagers taken into custody was violently arrested by police, a Honenu spokesperson said.