Jewish Home MK: There will be no violence

MK Shuli Moalem-Refaeli speaks to Arutz Sheva about upcoming expulsion, says the focus needs to be on the families.

Eliran Aharon, Chana Roberts ,

MK Shuli Moalem-Refaeli in Amona
MK Shuli Moalem-Refaeli in Amona
Eliran Aharon

In an exclusive interview with Arutz Sheva on Wednesday morning, MK Shuli Moalem-Refaeli said, "I think that today, we all need to concentrate on the families' pain, and the sorrow of the town's destruction.

"We need to put aside all our questions, trials, and accomplishments. We need to put aside the question of whether Amona should be here, or should not be here, and we need to concentrate on the pain of these families, which are being expelled from their homes, and whose lives are being shaken up.

"I hope this is what we will all concentrate on. The attempts to talk about violence did not succeed, because there will be no violence here. It's completely clear that Amona's residents and leaders, the community's Torah leaders, and the leaders of the settlement movement, have made it very clear that this will not lead to any violence.

"It's very difficult... As someone who has fought for over a year for Amona to remain in its place, I now have to accept the expulsion as a fact.

"It's completely clear that we need to be here, to hug the residents, to talk about the difficult meaning of destroying a Jewish town in the State of Israel.

"We're talking about a clear demonstration, that will not, G-d forbid, lead to violence."

On Tuesday, Amona's residents received orders to evacuate their homes, and Amona leaders called on Israeli citizens to join the nonviolent protest and lend support to the residents. Early on Wednesday morning, security officers arrived to prepare for Amona's expulsion and destruction.