People of Amona, your struggle was not in vain

MK Smotrich hopes sanity prevails and court approves Amona draft plan. 'We are mobilized to move caravans within 48 hours'

Eliran Aharon,

Eliran Aharon

MK Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) related this afternoon (Tuesday) to the High Court's hearing the petition against the plan to relocate Amona to absentee land, and to IDF preparations to evacuate the village.

Smotrich notes that the preparations do not necessarily indicate a forced eviction. "First of all we are waiting for the High Court's decision. I hope common sense prevails even in the Supreme Court...

"If, G-d forbid, the court rejects the plan and continues in the same callous and distorted line that guides them with regards to Amona then perhaps we will see the government forced into the evacuation by the Supreme Court," said Smotrich, explaining that the relevant parties are prepared for the eventuality that plan is approved, "We are mobilized to move trailers within 48 hours.

"I want to tell the people of Amona that by their merit alone did we start drafting the normalization law. Your struggle was not in vain; you made a tremendous achievement for the Land of Israel and settlement there," added Smotrich.

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