'Critics of Trump travel ban are hypocrites'

Dutch politician Geert Wilders slams critics of President Trump's travel ban for their silence on countries that ban Israelis.


Wilders in Tel Aviv
Wilders in Tel Aviv
Yoni Kempinski

Citing Arab countries’ bans on allowing in Israelis, the Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders called critics of the U.S. visa ban “hypocrites.”

Wilders, whose rightist Party for Freedom has been leading in five major polls conducted this month ahead of the March general elections, made the assertion on Sunday about President Donald Trump’s 90-day suspension of allowing in most travelers from seven predominantly-Muslim countries, including Iran.

Posting on Twitter a screen image of a table from Wikipedia on 16 countries that allegedly do not allow in holders of Israeli passports, Wilders wrote: “So where were the protests and demonstrations of the left? #hypocrisy.”

Of the 16 countries listed — all of them predominantly Muslim — 11 are Arab states. Of those, six are countries classified by Israel as enemy states where citizens of the Jewish State are legally prohibited from entering according to Israeli law. Israel does not exclude granting a visa to any applicants solely on the basis of their nationality, according to its Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Wilders, who in his youth lived for two years on an Israeli moshav in the Jordan Valley, has called Israel “a place where I feel home” and said it was “close to his heart.” He also has called Israel a “canary in the coalmine” and “the West’s first line of defense against Islam” during his many visits to the Jewish state. He has repeatedly said he argues for “Judeo-Christian values,” which he said are threatened by Islam in the Netherlands and elsewhere.