'These are Amona's children-listen to them!'

15-year-old Adi Yahav expressed hopes and frustrations of Amona's children who can't understand why Knesset can't pass a just law for them.

Eliran Aharon,

Noam Shabbat Frank of Amona
Noam Shabbat Frank of Amona
Arutz Sheva

Adi Yahav, a 15-year-old resident of Amona, stood today at the demonstration which took place in Jerusalem and called on Knesset members to act to legalize Amona in its present place.

She appealed to the Knesset members, saying that "we made the wilderness bloom. There wasn't any sign on the mountain of agriculture or previous Arab settlement. I have lived in Amona for fifteen and a half years and this week I might not have a house anymore."

"Today I want to be a mouthpiece for the Amona kids, the youth in yeshivas and seminaries, the children in schools and kindergartens, the babies in child care centers and the infants still with their parents at home. To express the look in their eyes which are praying for a simple thing: to stay in their houses, not to suffer banishment, not to experience the pain of uprooting and being cut off from the place where they were born and grew up," said Yahav.

"So what do those children of Amona say? They say this: We were told that when you promise you must fulfill. So you, Prime Minister, promised 4 years ago even before the High Court ruling that there would not be any more demolitions, you would keep us in our houses. We were taught that if something is important you have to invest effort for it. So don't tell us it's hard and there are problems, pressures and constraints. It's much harder for us, much harder to evacuate an entire town in the land of Israel. So make an effort and leave us in our homes."

Yahav added that "we were taught that law is law because it is right and just. The most just thing would be to leave our community and the stupidest thing would be to destroy it. If we need a law for that to happen, then legislate it and leave us in our homes. We were taught that in a democratic country the people rule. The representatives of the people are the members of Knesset and they can promulgate laws and based on those laws the judges must adjudicate. So show everyone that this is a real democracy and not a dictatorship of the court and leave us in our homes."

"Why is it so simple in every other place in the country and only Amona they want to destroy? We know, because we are Jews living in Judea and Samaria. Show them that Jews are not fourth-class citizens, that Judea and Samaria is our home, that Jews have lived here for thousands of years and leave us in our homes. We were born here, grew up here, we love and are attached to this mountain. Don't try and banish us and find other houses for us elsewhere. Just leave us in our homes, in Amona," said Yahav.

She concluded: "These are the words of Amona's children. Listen to them. Sometimes children understand the things in most clearcut way. Listen to them. Don't disappoint them. Show them that the world is good, that things can be fixed and changed, that this is their country, the country of the Jews, listen to them."