'Trump's actions won't inflame Muslim world - they deter terror'

'Jerusalem is not holy to Muslims', says Mid-East expert Dr. Ephraim Arera, adding that Trump's ban on refugees will deter terrorists.

Eliran Aharon ,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

While critics of President Trump’s executive order last Friday temporarily barring asylum seekers from entering the US and restricting the entry of citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries have suggested the move could spark an upsurge in terror attacks against American targets, Middle East expert Dr. Ephraim Arera suggests the very opposite may be true.

"America is an enemy of Islam for all the Islamists since it attacked Muslim states like Iraq,” said Dr. Arera. “Even more, they led a coalition against…Syria, a Muslim country. So it is the responsibility of each Muslim to fight and to carry out attacks, terrorist attacks, even against civilians, in the United States and American citizens wherever they are. It will not change this point," said Dr. Arera, referring to President Trump's temporary entry ban on citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries.

"The fact that President Trump has signed this decree means to the Muslims that he's strong. And there's one condition - one condition in Islam - that authorizes the Muslim not to carry out Jihad. It is his weakness."

"’When you are weak, you must not carry out Jihad,’ said Dr. Arera, citing Islamic law.

“So when President Trump leads a harsh policy... against these terrorist states...this is the long-term unique policy to avoid attacks against the West."

Regarding recent protests by the Palestinian Authority and Arab League against the proposed relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, Dr. Arera brushed off claims of the alleged holiness of the Israeli capital to Muslims as political propaganda.

“Jerusalem is not a holy place for Muslims.”

“For Islam, there are only two holy places: Mecca and Medina.”