Jenin Arabs attack IDF forces

Jenin Arabs claim one dead after attacks on IDF soldiers.

Yedidya Ben-Or ,

IDF forces during army operation
IDF forces during army operation
IDF spokesman

A 19-year-old Arab has been reported dead after a group of Arabs attacked IDF forces during an operation in Jenin.

IDF forces who entered Jenin for a military operation on Saturday night were met with violence by local residents, who threw stones, firebombs, and pipe bombs on the soldiers.

The soldiers fought back with gas grenades, rubber bullets, and live fire. Two Arabs were injured.

Last Thursday night, an IDF soldier was wounded during a routine operation in Jenin, when residents fired at the troops and threw explosives at them.

The IDF for several months has carried out nightly raids of dangerous Arab villages, arresting over a hundred wanted terrorists and confiscating hundreds of illegal weapons.

Arutz Sheva has received reports of IDF officers discussing recommendations for a review of standing open-fire orders in light of the Trump Administration's sympathetic attitude towards Israel's safety, and in light of incidents similar to those in Jenin. More details will be reported when they become available.