ZAKA raises funds to save captive Israeli's life

The ZAKA organization raises $120,000 to save life of Ben Hasin, charged with murder in hostile Arab country and facing death penalty.

Yoni Kempinski , | updated: 15:17

ZAKA volunteers
ZAKA volunteers
Avigdor Stern

A 22-year old Israeli man, Ben Hasin, who traveled abroad to fight ISIS terrorists was indicted on murder charges in a foreign country.

Military censors have not cleared the name of the country where the man has been charged, stating only that it is a state that does not presently have diplomatic relations with Israel.

The man is currently being held without bail in a prison abroad, awaiting trial. He faces a possible death penalty if he cannot provide ransom money of 120,000 dollars.

The ZAKA emergency organization established a special pidyon shvuyim, "ransoming captives" campaign to raise the necessary funds and has succeeded in raising the funds needed to free Hasin, thanks to all those who responded to the campaign which was also featured on Arutz Sheva.

Following intensive diplomatic efforts the trial was delayed for two weeks and the money will be transferred to the state where Hasin is being held during that period, saving his life.