'Coordinate every step with Trump'

Rabbi Eliyahu Zini backs Prime Minister's decision to delay Maaleh Adumim sovereignty, 'must not embarrass president early on'.

Benny Tucker ,

Trump takes the oath of office
Trump takes the oath of office

Rabbi Eliyahu Zini, Rosh Yeshiva of Ohr v'Yeshua in Haifa, welcomes the government change in the United States.

"The government in Washington changed on Friday night, [the Sabbath we read] the Torah portion at the beginning of the book of Exodus, when we read that 'a new king arose over Egypt', and [we can make] new decisions [rather than the ones] we have been used to for eight years," he said in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

"On the one hand, there is place for joy because we gained respite from a very sophisticated Israel-hater, because Obama knew how to support us militarily while severely harming us politically."

According to Rabbi Zini, the Trump administration symbolizes hope. "A man has now come to the throne who expressed real friendship for Israel throughout the election campaigning. He has family ties with Jews and in his inaugural speech spoke boldly against the Pharaoh who preceded him and against his policy trends."

However, he warns that precisely now the new president will be subject to many pressures. "We do not know anything about President Trump. We heard positive statements, but we have not seen any action. Even if his statements are sincere and profound, it is possible that his responsibility towards his country, let alone the entire global reality, may not always allow him to do as he pleases.

"From the moment he came to power he stands with multiple consultants, some students of Ahitophel capable of presenting him with dangers where there are none, and with hope where there is only false hope. So it all depends, if he takes care to maintain his independent views. Added to this is the threat of Obama who is staying in Washington to sabotage all his decisions and complicate his way, especially regarding everything to do with Israel," said Rabbi Zini.

He added that the prime minister did well in deciding to delay the Maaleh Adumim sovereignty bill.

"Who more than I would like our nation to rule over all Greater Israel, but if we need his support - and indeed our country is in need at least of lack of opposition from Trump. If we do not want to embarrass him early on, steps should be taken to have sovereignty in concert with him, at least in quiet coordination," concluded Rabbi Zini.