Watch: Robber breaks elderly woman's arm during heist

Man arrested for stealing necklaces from elderly women.

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Natanel Katz ,

Illustration - Mugger
Illustration - Mugger

A resident of Jerusalem, roughly 40 years of age, has been arrested following a pair of robberies in the city of Rehovot.

The suspect apparently targeted elderly women, snatching their jewelry and fleeing.

The first incident took place roughly a month ago on Habanim Street in Rehovot. The suspect allegedly followed a 65-year old woman up a flight of stairs in her apartment building before snatching her gold necklace.

Two weeks later, the thief struck again, grabbing a 76-year old woman’s necklace as she pushed her son’s wheelchair. As she was about to enter a building, the suspect grabbed her by the shirt, pulling her backwards, then threw her to the ground before making off with her two necklaces.

During the violent robbery, the victim’s arm was broken.

Following the second robbery, police succeeded in locating the thief, bringing him in for questioning. The man confessed during interrogation, and reenacted the robberies.