Israeli security discovers two PA Arabs trying to smuggle birds

Israeli security forces discover two PA Arabs attempting to smuggle birds into Israel by strapping them into their pants legs.

Chana Roberts ,

Arutz Sheva

Israel Airport Authority officials discovered two Arab minors attempting to smuggle dozens of European goldfinches through the Allenby crossing on the Israel-Jordan border.

Native to the region, goldfinches are considered to be expensive birds, worth between 500-1500 NIS apiece.

The birds were discovered beneath the pair's clothing, after security personnel heard chirping sounds and noticed the Arabs' clothing was moving slightly.

After conducting a body search, security discovered each suspect was carrying 19 birds in his pants legs. The smugglers, a boy from Hevron and a girl from Ramallah, were later questioned by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The security guards forced the youths to release the birds, which were then returned to Jordan.