Republican Congressman: Trump will support the Israeli people

Republican Congressman tells Israeli delegation to Trump inauguration that President-elect will not repeat Obama's mistakes on Israel.

Gary Willig ,

Pro-Trump advertisements in Tel Aviv
Pro-Trump advertisements in Tel Aviv

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan met with members of Congress during his trip to Washington DC to attend the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump tomorrow.

Among the Congressmen Dagan met was Rep. Peter Sessions, who stated that Trump would treat Israel better than outgoing President Barack Obama has.

"The chance for peace comes through strength, not through weakness. The United States, under Barack Obama, for eight years, has either been a mystery or a giveaway. They've been a mystery in their support for Israel. They've been a giveaway for what they've wanted Israel to do. They have fought our great Prime Minister politically and economically. They have isolated Israel because they disagreed with the Prime Minister." Sessions said.

He said that things would be different under Trump. "President Trump will work from a position of strength and not fear. He will be in favor of the Israeli people, and they will strengthen their lives because of his resolve. That resolve will be reinforced by Congress.

He praised Israel's successes and resilience. "I'm really proud of Israel. I'm really proud of not only her strength, but of what she has done since 1948 for herself. She has not only helped modernize the world,but she has provided help and aid all around the world to people who are less fortunate than she is. The Israeli people are good people. But they need more on their side."

He said that the distance between Israel's western and eastern borders "is but miles apart. There's no great ocean here. There's no great barrier. It is because of the will of the people that you have survived."

He also said that it was in America's interest to remain friends with Israel. "Without the United States, Israel needs new friends. And that's where the United States is not looking to make one friend over another friend. We'll keep you."

"A heartfelt thank you to each of you back in Israel, who have sent not only this delegation, who have sent not only this delegation to Washington, but are reaffirming what we stand for, and what we stand for most of all is peace and freedom."