Aerial video proves: car rammed forces

Footage taken by police helicopter of operations on the ground shows Umm Al-Hiran vehicle attack.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Aerial photo of ramming attack
Aerial photo of ramming attack
Police spokesperson

Footage taken on by a police helicopter of operations on the ground shows clearly the terrorist's vehicle in the Umm Al-Hiran ramming attack.

In the video, it can clearly be seen that the terrorist drove with no lights and then increased his speed to ram directly into the policeman at the scene.

An Israel Police spokesman said, "At this time, Israeli Police Forces are working together with the Border Police and the Israel Land Authority to complete the court-ordered demolition of the illegal Arab settlement Umm Al-Hiran.

"Earlier, a terrorist rammed his jeep into police forces, crushing two policemen. As a result, we were forced to declare the death of Sergeant Major Erez Levy, and to transfer an additional officer to the hospital. The terrorist, who was associated with the Islamic Jihad terror group, was neutralized.

"Israel Police and the Border Police arrived in Umm Al-Hiran, near Hura, late last night, in order to secure the area, after extensive discussions with the settlement's residents.

"We will continue investigating the attack, as well as the terrorist's possible connection to ISIS.

"Israel Police call on the Bedouin sector to condemn the attack and purge from within it anyone who is ideologically extreme or connected in any way to terror," the spokesman concluded.