Lehava activist: Murder of Tehilla Nagar an act of terrorism

Lehava Chairman claims police want 'to suppress nationalist murder'; portray killing as violent spat between Tehilla and Arab boyfriend.

Orly Harari ,

Place where Nagar's body found
Place where Nagar's body found
MDA spokesperson

Chairman of the Lehava Organization to Prevent Assimilation, Bentzi Gophstein, criticized Israeli police about their treatment of the murder of Tehilla Nagar (31) last month near the Sea of ​​Galilee.

"It took the Israeli police an entire month to publicize what we established in two days: the Arab boyfriend murdered Tehilla, "said Gopshtein.

He said the police are to blame for the murder because they closed the complaint filed by Tehilla against her Arab partner for violence. "Unfortunately, we meet a lot of cases where the police close women's and girl's complaints on their partner's violence against them following the complainant allegedly withdrawing her complaint. The withdrawal is imposed on her by force and threats. Without the police truly investigating."

"I urge the Israeli Knesset to pass legislation that domestic violence cases not be closed following withdrawal of the complaint," added Gopshtein.

The Lehava chairman claims that the police want "to silence a nationalist murder" and therefore portray the incident as a violent domestic conflict. "Above all, this story should serve as a warning to law enforcement authorities - to investigate the humiliation and harassment of girls in Israel for nationalistic reasons, said Gopshtein.