Watch: Jewish music singer praises being an Israelite

Singer Gershon Veroba debuts new song, Ani Yisrael (I am Israel), the music video of which was shot in Israel.


Gershon Veroba
Gershon Veroba
Shlomi Cohen

Jewish Singer Gershon Veroba debuted his first new solo album of original songs in nearly a decade, including a song titled "Ani Yisrael" (I am Israel). The music video for "Ani Yisrael' was filmed on location in Israel.

“The message is quite simple,” Veroba said. “Israel is part of us. It’s ultimately where we’re from and where we live, no matter what our backgrounds have been or where our houses are." With this solid message in mind, Gershon teamed up with hit video producers Aaron and David Orian of Olam Media. The recording & filming in Israel, often in locations as hot as 105ºF, took six months, but he said “we created a fun, exciting video everyone will enjoy, and we had a blast shooting it.”

The "Ani Yisrael” album, a production of Town 6 Entertainment Corp., features 10 songs written by Ari Goldwag, Elie Schwab, Simcha Kranczer and Gershon himself.