Rav Kanievsky calls to aid Torah scholar

Urgent letter issued by Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky on behalf of anonymous Talmid Chacham.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 2:43 PM

rav kanievsky
rav kanievsky
Kupat Ha'Ir

This week, Rav Chaim Kanievsky issued a personal plea on behalf of an anonymous man reportedly drowning in debt. The identity of this talmid chacham is unknown. However many are struck by the strong nature of Rav Chaim's appeal, as well as the temporary nature of the campaign. Donations will be accepted for 48 hours only, which in conjunction with Rav Chaim's impassioned words, implies dire urgency.

The letter in circulation translates:

"A close friend, one of the great talmidei chachamim, entered into a debt of hundreds of thousands of shekels for a member of his family, for a life and death issue, mamash pikuach nefesh. Now he doesn't know where to turn, what to do about all the people to whom he owes money. Because of this, I am asking that each person give a significant donation, to help this talmid chacham get out of his tremendous suffering. This is not his fault. The donors will be blessed with success, hatzlocha, in Torah, yiras shomayim (fear of G-d) and kol tuv (everything good)."

Signed: Sar HaTorah Rav Chaim Kanievsky

It has been opined that this is the first time ever that Rav Chaim has specified that donors give a 'significant donation.'

It is known that many talmidei chachamim take it upon themselves to help those in desperate need, often emptying their own wallets and trusting that Hashem will repay them. While the identity of the indebted is yet unknown, one can only assume that with Rav Chaim's hascama, agreement, his cause must be just and his need truly great.

Below is the original letter:

Letter Kupat Ha'Ir

Donations have already begun to pour in from members of klal yisroel wishing to follow the Sar HaTorah's instructions. Those who wish to be part of this campaign should donate HERE immediately, as donations will only be accepted for a limited time.