Pro-Israel protest counters Paris conference

Lev HaOlam and other activists arrive in Paris.

Mordechai Sones ,

Pro-Israel protest in Paris
Pro-Israel protest in Paris
Lev Olam

Activists from Lev HaOlam and other organizations arrived in Paris today to protest the anti-Israel conference that convenes there today.

Cornelia, an activist for the organization who came specially from Holland with approximately 120 more Dutch people to Paris for the demonstration, told Arutz Sheva, "We are gathering here to stand up for the Nation of Israel, to stand up for the G-d of Israel, because of this unrighteousness that the seventy nations are coming together ...

"They think they can determine the land and who the land belongs to, but the land belongs to G-d and G-d gave it to the Jewish and the Israel people....So it is an absolute abomination that the seventy think that with John Kerry and Obama, their last deeds before they leave the White House, they think they can do this; it is absolutely terrible.

"But it's a fantastic atmosphere here, there are many, many people, and it's absolutely wonderful...Am Yisrael Chai!"