Days after the opening of the route - firebombs

Arabs took advantage of main traffic artery opening near Beit El for throwing firebombs which miraculously did not cause disaster.

Shimon Cohen ,

Firebomb attack (illustration)
Firebomb attack (illustration)
Flash 90

Attacks get media attention only when they end with wounded or killed, G-d forbid. Events that could have resulted in casualties, and miraculously ended differently, do not get coverage and receive fewer investigations.

One of these events occurred yesterday (Monday) at the village of Beit El, when three firebombs were thrown at the house of the Roth family. Arutz Sheva spoke with the father, Asi, who tells that he learned of the incident when his son's friend came to the home via the security road and saw Arabs approaching the fence and throwing the bombs, one of which ignited.

"He came to us from the lower neighborhood when suddenly he rang my son and told him, 'They're throwing firebombs.' He saw how they flew over the wall, passed over the security road, and landed near the security fence next to the house."

Roth points out that this is the second time such an event has occurred, in this case he said two did not ignite and one did, "I immediately went outside. A patrol of soldiers passed by, so I stopped one. The fire that had started there was put out quickly. I called security headquarters and the Security Officer and the commander of the sector who combed the area."

Had it not been for the boy who reported the firebombing incident, the fire would have would have ignited vegetation and could have spread to the house.

Roth tells of a previous, similar case: "A year ago was almost the same thing exactly. They threw two firebombs at about the same place. One hit a tall tree, burned part of the neighbors storage shed, part of a doghouse; it was during Sukkot and schach (bamboo roof) burned a little. It was a very big miracle".

To the question if such events lead to fear of living in such a place, Roth replies in the negative and states: "There is no fear. We remain steadfast in our place and in our opinion to hold this land. It does not cause us anything."

However, he added a demand that the defense establishment strengthen security in the place, since only last week the main traffic artery from which the terrorists attacked was closed to traffic due to gunfire, and on Thursday night the road was opened again on the orders of the army, and for the Arabs two days were enough to start throwing firebombs at the homes of the community.

"Even last night the road was closed for several hours but then immediately opened," he says, noting that the opening and closing of the route depends not only on security considerations but also on political judgement.