'I want to serve my country. It is my duty'

Moshe Orbach, grandfather of slain Israeli soldier Erez Orbach, described grandson's determination to enlist in the IDF despite ill health.

Yoel Domb ,

Moshe Orbach
Moshe Orbach
Eliran Aharon

Moshe Orbach, whose grandson Erez Hy'd (may G-d avenge his blood) was murdered in the ramming attack at Armon Hanatziv, told Arutz Sheva about his grandson's character and referred to the fact that there were no government ministers at any of the funerals of those murdered in the attack.

"Erez had tremendous determination," said Orbach. "He fought sickness and the army which didn't want to recruit him. The professor (at the recruiting committee) asked him why he insisted on enlisting when 200 people outside were just waiting to get released and Erez answered that "I want to serve my country. It is my duty."

Orbach described other aspects of Erez's personality which were revealed after his death. "Erez was a very modest and humble person. Only now during the mourning period we are hearing from friends of his and from the army how dedicated and clever he was to the point that one of his commanders told us that Erez had begun to teach him things he hadn't known."

Orbach brushed off criticism of government ministers for not appearing at the funeral, saying "We are not a family seeking honor. This was also Erez's way, he didn't look for honor. We are all the time looking to see what we can do for the public and for the country.

"The Knesset Speaker came to the Shiva (mourning period) as well as other members of Knesset. I understand that the president will also arrive. But even if they don't come we don't see this as a problem," said Orbach.