FBI resumes investigation into murder of Israeli attaché

Joe Alon, military attaché at Israeli embassy in Washington, murdered 43 years ago: 'Knew too much'?

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Washington, DC
Washington, DC

The New York Times reported today (Monday) that the FBI has resumed its investigation into the murder of the military attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, Joe Alon, who was shot dead 43 years ago.

Reporter Adam Goldman reveals that the international terrorist known as "Carlos the Jackal," imprisoned in Paris, claimed to him that he knew who killed the Israeli attaché .

An FBI agent went to Paris and met with Carlos, who told him that behind the assassination stood a senior official of the terror group "Black September" - Kamal Chir Beck. According to Carlos, a group of American Vietnam War veterans who lived in Paris and sympathized with the Arabs against Israel contacted Beck who ordered him to have Alon killed. Beck himself was in close contact with Carlos and helped the famous terrorist plan the hijacking of the OPEC Conference in Vienna in the mid-70's. Beck was then killed in Beirut.

Alon, who was a fighter pilot during the War of Independence, was a war hero who completed 75 missions. When Israeli formed its first Mirage fighter jet squadron, Alon was chosen as its commander. He had been sent to Washington in 1970 for what was supposed to be a three-year assignment to procure needed up-to-date weaponry, such as F-4 Phantoms, for Israel.

Joe Alon, married with three daughters, was murdered in 1973 shortly before he was due to finish his diplomatic mission in Washington.