'It felt like a burning fire had entered my body'

Rabbi wounded in shooting in Haifa recounts attack, says it is a miracle he survived.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

gun (Illustration)
gun (Illustration)

Rabbinic Court Judge Rabbi Yechiel Iluz, who was seriously wounded in a terrorist shooting in Haifa last week, recalled the moments he was attacked. The media at first intimated that an angry would-be convert probably had tried to kill the rabbi, but the police soon announced it was a terror attack.

According to Rabbi Iluz, he was struck by between 5-7 bullets. "I was hit on the left side of my body. I do not know exactly how many bullets [struck me]."

Rabbi Iluz said that it was hard for him to understand his injuries. "I did not understand at the time what was happening. It was some auto-electrical thing about the body, I thought. It really hurt. It felt like a burning fire had entered my body."

He did not have time to even see the shooter, who, he said, had taken advantage of the fact that there were not many people on the street at the time of the shooting. "I called for help, so they understood something had happened."

"It was a great miracle. It was a miracle that he didn't hit any major organs like the head, the heart, or the brain. In the meantime, it is difficult for me to walk on my left leg, but I am sure that I will bless He who saved my life when I go to the Synagogue."

Guy Capri, aged 47, was killed in the shooting terror attack.