Drama at the airport on the way to Eilat

Security discovers metal pipe shaped like grenade during screening. Traveler on way to Eilat taken for questioning.

Reut Hadar ,

Seized dummy grenade
Seized dummy grenade
צילום: רשות שדות התעופה

An Israeli Arab attempted to smuggle a decoy grenade on his way to Eilat today (Monday).

Security personnel discerned a metal object fashioned for the smoking of prohibited substances shaped like a metal grenade.

The Arab citizen, a resident of the north, was arrested during the screening, and security guard who stopped him began the procedure for the evacuating the large crowd that was in the passenger hall.

The passenger was questioned by airport security and denied that he was carrying a prohibited item on the flight. A sapper was invited to handle the dummy grenade.

The suspect was taken in for questioning at the police station and the alert was cancelled, after the sapper finished handling the incident.