Israel wiped off the map by airlines?

On a Morrocan Air flight from Sao Paolo to Rabat, passengers saw a map in which Israel did not exist, but the 'Palestinian Territories' did.

Yoel Domb,

map of "Israel" on Morocco Airline
map of "Israel" on Morocco Airline

The map shown in the image above appeared on TV screens on a Royal Air Maroc flight from Sao Paulo to Rabat. Instead of the State of Israel, the term 'Palestinian Territories' appears over the area and there is no mention of Israeli cities whatsoever.

This is not the first time an airline has erased Israel from its maps of the region. In 2015, Air France left Israel out of their in-flight maps, causing a passenger to send the misrepresentative map to the Facebook page of pro-Israel organization Stand With Us.

In a letter to Air France chairman and CEO, Frédéric Gagey, the Simon Wiesenthal Center director for international Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, noted that, “French members of our center have sent us reportedly captured shots from the English and French language of an Air France flight-path, taken last week between New York and Paris, and the locations ‘Israel’ and ‘Tel Aviv’ are glaringly absent.”

The letter noted that, “We are asking whether Air France has succumbed to the BDS [Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions] campaign to delegitimize the Jewish State by literally wiping it off the map?” Air France issued an apology, saying they “deeply regret this incident, due to a map scale and display problem which is currently being resolved.”

Chinese carrier Hainan airlines, which recently began Tel Aviv-Beijing flights, also omitted Israel from its initial maps, placing Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in the 'Palestinian Territories'. After a protest by Transport Minister Yisrael Katz the company apologized, stating that "we give our thanks for directing our attention to this unfortunately technical mistake. The company is taking action with the external software provider to correct its maps."

Egypt, which signed a peace treaty with Israel and maintains security and diplomatic contacts with Israel, has an airline which erased Israel and stretched Jordan to the sea on its maps. This omission is especially odd considering the fact that the same airline flies to Ben Gurion Airport, Israel several times a week.