TV Stars: Israel trip changed our lives

Hollywood actors speak with Arutz Sheva about their trip to Israel. 'It exceeded all expectations'.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Meagan Good and Sonequa Martin-Green discuss trip to Israel
Meagan Good and Sonequa Martin-Green discuss trip to Israel
Yoni Kempinski

So what did a group of Hollywood TV stars think of Israel after a six-day tour? Arutz Sheva caught up with Meagan Good (from Deception and Foxy Brown) and Sonequa Martin-Green (The Walking Dead and Star Trek) to see what impression Israel made on the celebs.

"It was amazing,” said Good and Martin-Green, adding that the experience was “transformational.”

"It has been revolutionary, breathtaking. I think we were expecting a spiritual experience. But what we got was hard to describe. It was more than we were expecting. It exceeded expectations by far.”

The delegation, which was organized by Israel's Ministry for Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy in cooperation with the “America's Voices in Israel” organization, included Good and her husband Pastor DeVon Franklin, Martin-Green and her husband and The Walking Dead co-star Kenric Green, Daniel Dae Kim from Lost and Hawaii Five-0, and Mark Pellegrino of Supernatural, Dexter, Lost, and Being Human.

Highlights of the tour included the Old City of Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv’s Nahalat Binyamin and Old Jaffa, the ruins of Kfar Nahum (Capernaum) in the Galilee, the Kinneret, and Haifa.

"I think we came kind of having an itinerary,” said Meagan Good, “but not knowing what the experience would be like. We got so much information. You already have a spiritual understanding by having a deeper understanding of how all different religions connect, what are the similarities, what are the differences, what does each site say about each one of those religions collectively and individually. I think it’s a deeper understanding of something that your spirit knows, but you can tangibly explain it better and mentally understand it better."

"This is a place of devotion,” Sonequa Martin-Green added, calling Israel “a place where devotion is a pillar of the culture."

“The land is so rich with history. When you come here you understand your place in that, regardless of what you believe and where you come from. There's a tie-in to this place from all walks of humanity, and you can get a sense of that. You can take it in with your senses. You can touch the ground that these people walked on and see the spots where these amazingly divine things happened."


Courtesy of Ministry for Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy