Haifa murder suspect turns himself in to police

Suspect in Haifa shooting-spree that killed Guy Kafri and wounded Rabbi Yechiel Iluz surrenders to police. Transferred for ISA questioning.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

One of the shooting scenes in Haifa
One of the shooting scenes in Haifa
Magen David Adom

The suspect in the Haifa shooting-spree in which Guy Kafri was murdered and Rabbi Yechiel Iluz was wounded, surrendered this evening (Thursday) to the police.

Haifa police believed that the shooting was actually a terror attack perpetrated for nationalistic motives.

The suspect turned himself in Acre police station where he was arrested and taken in for questioning by the Shin Bet.

Earlier, massive police forces descended upon the Haifa neighborhood where the suspect was spotted. The suspect escaped into neighborhood streets and entered a school compound, where security forces focused on locating him. Yesterday, SWAT teams and special units came to another neighborhood in the city, Halisa, and deployed in the streets but were unable to catch the suspect.

The shooting-spree occurred Tuesday morning at around 9:00. Rabbi Yechiel Iluz, a conversion court judge, was shot on Ha'atzmaut Street in Haifa and sustained moderate to serious wounds. Shortly afterwards Guy Kafri, a 47-year-old driver from Hagiborim street in Nesher, was shot. His funeral was held today at the cemetery in Moshav Ofer.

"Guy was one of the most charming and kind people that I knew, who always liked to help everyone. No one can say a bad word about him. He drove children with disabilities and made it his mission. He loved his children - and they, him," said his brother-in-law, Shachar Dror.

"Guy in his nature was not a person who quarreled ... he was kind - wouldn't harm an animal, let alone a human being. I can not think of a time when he fought with someone that would have caused this. We absolutely do not understand how this happened. It's a shock. A bolt from the blue. It is not understandable".