Anti-Semitic British Labour councillor reinstated

Councillor from Britain’s Labour party who hinted Israelis "drink Gaza's blood" reinstated.

Elad Benari ,

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

A councillor from Britain’s Labour party who was suspended after being accused of sharing blood libels online and for saying Israeli Jews should “relocate” to America has been readmitted to the party, the British Jewish News reported on Wednesday.

The councillor, Ilyas Aziz from Nottingham, tweeted on December 31, “Can resume my Labour Party activities now that my suspension lifted. Thanks to all who stood by me in difficult times.”

Aziz, a supporter of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, implied in a Facebook post in 2014 that Israelis should “stop drinking Gaza’s blood,” which he allegedly retweeted from a Muslim youth group.

He has also compared the actions of Israelis towards Palestinian Arabs to the actions of Nazis towards Jews, and said Jews in the Middle East could move to the U.S.

“Jews and Muslims lived together in the Middle East, in peace pre 1948. Perhaps it would have been wiser to create Israel in America it’s big enough,” he wrote. “They could relocate even now.”

Aziz was suspended after these posts were exposed by the Guido Fawkes political blog.

Arutz Sheva also found that Aziz is a strong supporter of the extremist Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which has a long history of hosting anti-Semites and homophobes at its events, as well as the anti-Israel BDS boycott movement.

Aziz is just one of dozens of Labour members who were suspended over the past year or so due to anti-Semitic statements.

The most senior was former London Mayor Ken Livingstone, whose membership was suspended after he suggested and later insisted that Adolf Hitler was a Zionist.

Livingstone has refused to apologize for his comments and has repeatedly stressed that he stands by them.

Corbyn himself has come under fire due to his calling Hamas and Hezbollah his "friends" and for outright refusing to condemn those two terrorist organizations despite being urged to do so by local Jewish groups. He recently took back those comments.

It remains unclear why the Labour party reinstated Aziz. The British Jewish News approached the party for comment.