Mother of Israeli-Arab terror victim: My daughter is a martyr

Mother of Israeli-Arab teenager killed in Istanbul terror attack says daughter is a martyr, MK Tibi says ISIS is not Islam.

Chana Roberts ,

Lian Zaher Nasser
Lian Zaher Nasser
courtesy of the family

Lucy Nasser, the mother of Arab-Israeli Istanbul attack victim Lian Zaher Nasser, 19, said her daughter was a "martyr" at the funeral.

Lian Nasser's body was brought home thanks to the Israeli government's efforts, and the funeral was held on Tuesday.

"Did you come to share in our sorrow, or to share in our happiness that Lian fell as a saint and martyr? Lian, wake for a moment so that I can give you a final hug and to tell you again that I love you. Make your voice heard, my sweet, if only for a few seconds. I miss you," Lucy said at the funeral.

Attending the funeral, MK Ahmed TIbi (Joint Arab List) said, "ISIS is not Islam and most of the victims of its crimes are Muslims... The entire Arab public is shocked and feels great sadness and anger."

Tibi also called the attack "loathsome" and said ISIS is a "fascistic cancer."

Tibi is not known for condemning acts of terror. In fact, he often encourages them.

Tira Mayor Mamoun Abdul Hai said, "This is the first time that we are dealing with this kind of difficult event. There is anger throughout the town at the terror attack, therefore we declared a day of mourning in which we wanted to tell the whole world that we are against violence and terror."

Whereas the Arab sector is rarely, if ever, targeted in terror attacks, the Jewish sector suffers from Arab incitement, murders, and terror on a regular basis.

In 2016 alone, Arabs in Israel committed a total of 5,783 terror attacks, all of them against Jews. Often, Arab civilians celebrate terror attacks in which Jews are killed and wounded with village-wide parties.