Bereaved father: We don't feel any enmity

Plea bargain reached, father of girls killed in their home by phosphine says he feels no enmity or vengeance towards exterminator.

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The Gross family
The Gross family
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Shimon Gross, the father of murdered Avigail and Yael Gross, who were killed in January 2014 by phosphine fumes, announced the family had accepted a plea bargain on Tuesday.

"We're happy with this agreement, I suppose," he told Channel 2. "It may sound kind of weird, but we don't feel any enmity or vengeance towards the exterminator. We don't want him to sit in jail for any number of years. He's not young anymore. On the other hand, what happened happened, and we still feel the loss deeply."

On Tuesday morning, the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office submitted an indictment against Yosef Tzvi Barkan, who forgot a phosphine-containing pesticide in the cellar underneath the Gross family's Jerusalem apartment in 2014. The fumes entered the apartment and caused the children's deaths.

Barkan is accused of two counts of manslaughter, as well as four counts of severe injury by negligent use of pesticides.

The plea bargain includes an agreement that Barkan will admit to and be convicted of the above crimes. In addition, both sides will petition the court to assign a jail sentence of three years followed by probation. Barkan will give the Gross family 200,000 NIS in immediate compensation.