Barkat hopes US embassy will be transferred to Jerusalem

Jerusalem Mayor Attends World Rabbinical Conference; "You are all shareholders in Jerusalem - your role is critical throughout the world."

Yoni Kempinsky,

Barkat at rabbis conference
Barkat at rabbis conference
Yoni Kempinski

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat expressed his hopes that the new US administration will fulfill its promises regarding Israel during the International annual Conference for Rabbis and community leaders in the Diaspora organised by the World Zionist Organization's(WZO) Department for Religious Affairs.

Barkat also gave an interview to Arutz Sheva following his speech.

"This is an opportunity to wish President-elect Donald Trump success in his position, I hope and believe that the US embassy will move to Jerusalem speedily, in our days," Barkat said.

He turned to the rabbis and told them, "I know the worldwide importance of the job you are doing, the ability to connect to the leadership, heads of state, leaders of opinion in the wider world, to convey the message of Zion to the world."

"You are all shareholders in Jerusalem. We of course do live here and promote our city, but there is no doubt that all of us in the Jewish world are shareholders in Jerusalem," Barkat says.

More than a hundred rabbis from around the world arrive in Israel this week to mark 50 years since the liberation of Jerusalem, about a week after the UN Security Council decided that Israeli sovereignty over parts of the city, including the Western Wall, is considered illegal under international law.

The rabbis, who come from dozens of countries around the world, will participate this week in the World Conference of Rabbis and Community Leaders in the Diaspora of the World Zionist Organization's Center for Religious Affairs in the Diaspora.

Among other places, the rabbis arrived from large communities such as the United States and France, but also from regions like the Amazon, India, and Singapore.