Pranksters deface iconic Hollywood sign

Residents of Hollywood awake on New Year's Day to find that the landmark sign now reads "Hollyweed".

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Defaced Hollywood sign
Defaced Hollywood sign

The iconic hillside sign overlooking Southern California's Hollywood was defaced overnight Saturday, Reuters reports.

Residents awoke on Sunday to find "Hollyweed" staring down at them in four-story, white letters from Los Angeles' Mount Lee.

City surveillance cameras captured footage of someone dressed in black about 3:00 a.m. local time whom police believe was behind the prank, Sgt. Robert Payan of the Los Angeles Police Department told Reuters in a phone interview.

Material similar to a tarp was placed over the two O's to make them appear as E's, and park rangers were assessing how to remove them, he added.

There were no suspects, but the person if caught could be charged with misdemeanor trespassing, said Payan.

The prank comes two months after a ballot measure to make recreational marijuana legal for adults was easily approved by California voters on November 8. It remains unclear whether the prank was related.

The Hollywood sign remains a popular spot for hikers and tourists, who used to be able to walk up to the sign and take a picture. Now, a fence blocks people, and accessing the sign is difficult, noted Reuters.