PM joins soldiers with disabilities at graduation of IAF pilots

PM meets with IDF soldiers with disabilities at graduation ceremony for IAF pilots, says strong armies include people with disabilities.

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PM meets with Omer Lahat and family
PM meets with Omer Lahat and family
Yad La'eled Hameyuchad

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met Thursday with soldiers from the Special in Uniform program, a unique program in Israel, which now operates in partnership with the Jewish National Fund (JNF-USA),at a graduation ceremony for IAF pilots. The program allows people with disabilities to serve in the IDF.

Among the soldiers who attended the ceremony was Omer Lahat, a young man born with cerebral palsy whose father served as a combat pilot in the IAF and whose dream was to become a soldier.

The Prime Minister praised the Special in Uniform Program at the ceremony. "A strong nation is one that does not leave its most vulnerable members behind. Israel is the only nation in the world that have a strong Army with the ability to include people with disabilities " he said.

"We have 300 soldiers in 15 IDF bases including a unit of soldiers with different abilities here in Hatzerim air force base, today we were invited to be part of the ceremony" said Lt. Col. Tiran Attia, the director of Special in Uniform.

"For the new pilots, for the strong leaders, and for the soldiers of Special in Uniform- the future is hopeful and the sky's the limit .... "