'We're handing out prizes to criminals'

Gush Etzion residents boycott mechanic who took entire neighborhood's residents to Supreme Court while working in his illegal garage.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Eli's Garage
Eli's Garage

One of the main petitioners in the Netiv Avot land case is an Arab mechanic working illegally just north of Efrat, reported the Regavim Movement. Most of the mechanic's clients are Jewish residents of Gush Etzion.

In response to Regavim's revelation, Gush Etzion residents have decided to boycott the mechanic, who despite having no proof of ownership is working to have the Netiv Avot neighborhood of Elazar, a Gush Etzion town across the road from Efrat, destroyed.

The mechanic's own garage, which was built illegally, is also set to be destroyed.

Regavim's Oved Arad said, "This garage was built without building permits and without a business license, but the Civil Authority has not dealt with it properly. The Israeli government has requested over and over again that the Supreme Court delay the destruction of Amona, but has not even attempted to respond [against] the mechanic's petition. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is preventing the law from being enforced and preventing the garage from being destroyed. We're handing out prizes to criminals."

Gush Etzion Regional Council's Acting Head Moshe Seville said, "We're talking about something absolutely and uniquely absurd. A Palestinian Arab is fighting Netiv Avot residents, claiming they live in illegally built homes, while at the same time he proudly operates a garage which was built illegally."

Seville also said he understands the Netiv Avot residents. On the one hand, they want to live in peace with their Arab neighbors, who till their fields right near the town, but on the other hand, they will do everything necessary to protect their homes, which were built with government aid, and will fight anyone who attempts to destroy them.

"This is a completely human step to take. There's nothing more logical than helping your neighbors fight someone who is trying to harm their entire neighborhood," Seville concluded.